Friday, December 2, 2016

2018 Sweaty Yeti!

Sweaty Yeti!

Saturday Feb. 24th 2018

-Winter camping Fri and Saturday nights at the trailhead or remote sites.
-Chalet open all weekend.
-Meet and Greet at Sand Creek Brewery Friday night!
-Bon fires, hanging out and fatbike camaraderie all weekend!

Up to date info and comments here.

11:00am mass start
Solo Yeti- Three hour race- approx. 8-10 mi laps.
Solo Yetette- Three hour race- approx. 8-10 mi laps.
Open teams (Any number of riders, male or female)
Female Teams (any number of female riders)
- Three hour race- approx. 20 min laps for teams.

$25.00 per person entry fee-proceeds to the Levis Mound Trail Club (NATA).
Day of race, $30.00
Pre-reg for the Sweaty Yeti here:

9:00 – 10:30 – Pre-Ride the course –Singletrack, XC Ski Trail:
Test Track, Lower Glen, Dump, East Levis, Snodgrass. Transition at Chalet.
Solo course will be the Levis Mound long winter course.
 9:00 – Day of Registration opens at Chalet
10:30 – Final Teams set-riders without a team will be selected or placed on a team.
 11:00 – Race Start – LeMans shotgun Start –something fun!

2:00 – Race Finish; Scoring: Placements will be based off of number of laps completed and fastest time (if tie in laps) prior to 2:00pm. Laps must be complete by 2:00.. 1st -3rd place teams, 1st-3rd place solo male, 1st place solo female. Simple and fun.  Lots of door prizes as well from our wonderful sponsors!

Only Fat-Bikes allowed on course (3.75” or wider).
We have the chalet to warm up in, and Electric outlits inside for NESCOs, coffee etc. Bring a change of clothes!
-Food and Water – Bring a portable BBQ grill if you like!


Every sort of warm Cozy Winter Clothing you can find. This is not the time to skimp on what you bring out to the venue. Bring Chemical hand and foot warmers. Bring stuff you can ride in and stuff you can stand around and sip beer in. Bring out the big guns of your winter clothing arsenal.

The Levis Mound trail pass will be included in your entry fee on race day. Riders should buy a trail pass if riding Friday and Sunday. Camping permit is required for Yeti-Fest campers. Help support the trail!

Other Levis Mound Trails will be open to skiing, riding and snowshoeing during the race. Be courteous to all other trail users and be safe at all times. The purpose of this event is to have fun…so please have FUN! This is a Non-WORS, Non-WEMS, Non-mega-Race. In the spirit of fun, I ask that we all try to be as easy going as possible. We’re going for an atmosphere of camaraderie …so a little ‘go with the flow’ would go a long way, to make this fun for everyone.

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